my picture my picture SCHNEIDER LENS:
- Endocentric Lens for large image
  up to 70mm
- Different camera mounting avaliable
- Precision mechanical design with
  postive lock in demanding application
- Colour abbreviation compensation
- High optical MTF


my picture SEIWA LENS:
- Motorised Zoom Tube Lens of up to 200 X
Objective lens
- FVL Telecentric Lens with Long Working
Distance Range to 220mm.
- Custom optics and light available with lens
system as complete solution


my picturemy pictureCOMPUTAR:
- High contrast
- Low Distortion
- Low cost


my picture VISION & CONTROL:
- Telecentric objectives for precise
- Wide Range for 10X to 300mm FoV


my picture SPACE:
- High resolution lens
- Cost effective
- Wide range of selection


my pictureMyutron:
- Compatible with 8K and 12K φ62mm CCD sensor
- Magnification can be changed by reversing a lens
- Reduced relative illuminance, excellent uniformity
- Very low distortion
- Custom mount is available