LED LIGHTING:my picture

- Cost effective machine vision lighting
- High brightness with wide variety of model
- Customisation possible
- Different LEDs available for White, Red,
  Green,Blue, UV and IR.


my picture VICOLUX from Vision & Control:
- 10-30VDC constant intensity
- High brightness & Constant


GARDASOFT:my picture my picture
- 2-8 Channel, independent
  pulsed Mode, current controller
- patented SafeSense Technology
- From 1 ms pulse width to 2 sec
- Ethernet Support, RS 232
- High current output up to 30A per channel.


my picture VIS LIGHT:
- Single & Dual channels lighting controller
  with manual control knobs for current setting
- Fast and cost effective
- Remote and digital control in current setting
  available by end 2010